Benidorm takes the first step to order bus transit


The City Council brings together a dozen representatives of hotels and transport companies to set schedules and curb the chaos generated by these vehicles in the center.

Trying to sort out one of the main problems that has been dragging mobility in the town centre of Benidorm for years without leaving too many unhappy people on the road. The City Council of Benidorm has set to work to try to arrange the transit of discretionary transport buses, which leave tourists at the very door of their hotel, and put an end to the collapse that for this reason suffer daily streets such as Ruzafa or the avenue of the Almendros, in the heart of the city. Every day, but especially aggravated on weekends.

Benidorm Transfers Bus

To this end, the city’s local government yesterday gathered a dozen representatives of hotels and transport companies, within the so-called Sustainable Urban Transport Plan (PTUS) of Benidorm, to expose the problem and ask for their collaboration to try to put order in this gibberish.

As this diary has already published, a study carried out by the municipal department of Mobility has included the passage of up to 150 buses per day that travel these roads, mainly to pick up or drop off tourists at the doors of hotels, but also for other types of activities, including unregulated excursions organized by the so-called “manteros”. Faced with this situation, the Consistory has asked all the hotels in the area to collaborate by providing data on how many buses leave or pick up tourists from their establishment each day or what estimated times of arrival, among others, in order to be able to schedule from the schedule with which to prevent two or more buses converge at the same time, at the same stop, and eventually block traffic to other vehicles.

It is a matter of incorporating the tools of the’ smart city’ that we are already developing in other areas to traffic management,”said the Councillor delegate of the Mobility area, José Ramón González de Zárate, who also said that the round of meetings will also include the companies of tourist apartments, to hear their opinion and that they can contribute ideas to this work plan.

The mayor reminded that legally, the City Council does not have any possibility of prohibiting the access of discretionary buses to the urban center and that, in any case,”this is not the line of work that we want to take. The aim is to collaborate and agree on measures among all, but without restricting or prohibiting them.

Among the measures that were also considered, in addition to establishing timetables for each bus, there is a restructuring of the stops in which the different vehicles can park depending on the hotel to which they take or pick up their customers, in addition to applying a stronger hand in the case of unlicensed excursions.

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