Transfers at Alicante Airport (ALC)
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We are a company in the province of Alicante, we specialize mainly in transfers, mostly from the airport of Alicante to neighboring towns such as Benidorm, Altea, Callosa, Alfaz del Pi, Denia. In addition to airport transfers we also offer any type of trip from these locations to the airport, that is, you can count on us to pick you up or drop you off at Alicante airport. As a company we focus on punctuality and comfort of our customers, so our vehicles are 100% safe and comfortable for your journey is pleasant. After a long flight or train ride the last thing we want is an hour on an uncomfortable bus. We have a fleet of vehicles that adapt to different situations (small groups, individual, large groups) so whatever the occasion Benidorm Transfers will take you,

Transfers and types of vehicles

We know that the personal treatment is what makes the difference nowadays, it is not the same thing that a driver takes you a little edge, to take you with a smile on your face and making a little tour guide. Whether you prefer the luxury of a private transfer with a personal driver or an affordable shared shuttle service from the airport,

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To book with us you only have to choose the dates and destinations on our website and the system will assign you that time. Or you can also contact us directly, leave us your doubts or when you would like to book the transfer.

Benidorm Transfers Features


What characterizes the transfers instead of the taxis is the personalization and good treatment of the customers. On the one hand, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport or train station, so there will be no delays in getting to the sites.


We talk about a personalized and dedicated transport to a client or a group of people, but for that reason it should not be excessively expensive, that is to say, our prices are really low in the sector and offer a high quality service.

No Stops

Benidorm transfer is the best option if you want to avoid an annoying stops that makes us lose a considerable amount of time, forget about having to link bus lines, bus-train, train-taxi, with benidorm transfers pick you up at your origin and take you to your destination without stopping.

Where are we taking you?


Occupied by Iberians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Moors Alicante has a very interesting history, which has its beginning with the foundation of the city by the Greeks 324 BC as Akra Leuka. This name, city of light, continues for the following epochs, as Lucentum with the Romans, who conquered the city 201 B. C., or with the Moors, who dominated it from 718 to 1249, as Al Lacant. Today Alicante is presented as a modern city with all the possibilities to form a pleasant life. Infrastructures are good, the communications network is relatively modern and there is an offer of golf courses, leisure facilities and swimming pools, as an example for a small choice.


Today Benidorm is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Costa Blanca, and it has also been built for this purpose. A curious fact about Benidorm is that when there were 50,000 Benidorm citizens, it also had 30,000 places in hotels. Interesting sites in Benidorm: Parks of the Costa Blanca. Naturally, the Shoping friends can leave satisfied, the av. del Mediterraneo, the main street of Benidorm and its many adjacent streets offer everything they want.

Advantages of using a transfer:

Greater comfort: it is undoubtedly much more comfortable to travel in a transfer than to travel in a public transport such as a bus or subway. We will travel air-conditioned, seated and with our luggage well placed. We will not have to look for routes, as we will go from the airport to the hotel door. Greater security: if the company is trusted and known, it will give you security in all senses, no matter how unknown the city you are travelling to. Ease of management: we can book it through the internet at the same time as the plane tickets, which saves us time and gives us the convenience to make the management. More precisely: in some countries, public transport does not work very well, which can lead to delays and other last-minute inconveniences.

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