The Philharmonic puts the finishing touches to the fourth Centenary of the Puebla Charter


The premiere of the symphony “La Casa de la Mar”, by Jaume F. Ripoll, closes one year of celebrations of this anniversary.

The premiere of the symphony for band and choir “La casa de la Mar”, composed by Jaume Francesc Ripoll Martins, with texts by Joan Borja, professor at the University of Alicante, last night put the finishing touches to the closing ceremony of the event commemorating the 400th anniversary of the creation of the current Altea.

The gala held yesterday at the Palau Altea was surrounded by emotion, history, art, literature and music. Before the symphony premiered, which was performed by more than two hundred musicians and singers from the symphonic band of the Alteanense Philharmonic Society, the polyphonic choir of the SFA, the Camerata Ars Cantos de Benidorm, the choir of the Conservatorio Profesional de Altea and the children’s choir of EsmuAltea, the soloist of the SFA choir, Concha Az.

La casa de la Mar – Benidorm

The journalist Àngela Tecles, keeper of the act, explained that “La Casa de la Mar” is a tribute to Altea and is composed of “symphonic scenes based on popular themes Alteanos. Structured in five movements, the work begins with a text by Joan Borja inspired by the work of Carmelina Sánchez Cutillas,”Matèria de Bretanya”, this work is the guiding thread and Borja was telling the words that gave way to the musical movements.


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